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We're always looking for completed series to add to AMI-tv's lineup of award-winning programming. Do you have a finished program you think would be a good fit for AMI? Read on for more details.

Preparing Your Proposal

When creating your proposal, please consider some of the following questions beforehand:

  • Why do you feel your show would appeal to our AMI audience?
  • Do you have E&O (Errors and Omissions) Insurance for your program?
  • Is the program closed captioned?
  • Is it in Described Video?
  • Is it Canadian Content?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • What value does the program bring to the target audience?
  • Has the program been certified Canadian by the CRTC or CAVCO (If Canadian, it must be certified before it can broadcast)

Submission Process

  1. Your proposal must be provided in an accessible Microsoft Word or accessible PDF document. If you have a sizzle reel or video samples, please include links to online versions of the media to the accessible document noted above.
  1. Once completed, attach your accessible proposal document(s) to an email, and send it to

By sending an email with your proposal to, you agree to the terms and conditions as set out in AMI's Policy Concerning Unsolicited Submissions.


What kinds of programs are you interested in acquiring?

  • We are interested in a variety of content, with a focus on documentary, factual, lifestyle and performing arts programming.

Do you only acquire programs that focus on disability or accessibility?

  • As per AMI's Vision statement, we strive to establish and support a voice for Canadians with disabilities, representing their interests, concerns and values through accessible media, reflection and portrayal.

Does my program have to be Canadian?

  • No. If it is Canadian, it must be certified before it can broadcast. You can find more information on applying for Canadian certification using the following links:

How to apply for Canadian Program Certification

Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit

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