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Our Mission

AMI is a media company that entertains, informs and empowers Canadians with disabilities through the offering of relevant original content.

Our Vision

Establish AMI as a leader in the offering of accessible content providing a voice for Canadians with disabilities through authentic storytelling, representation, and positive portrayal.


AMI focuses on attracting, developing, and retaining our talent, in addition to creating an engaged and inclusive culture. Our employees are located across Canada, providing a unique and region-specific perspective to AMI’s content. Through AMI’s competitive compensation packages, commitment to diversity and inclusion, and engagement initiatives, we reinforce our commitment to work-life balance for all of our employees.


Research Panel

AMI's Research Panel serves as an ongoing feedback mechanism between AMI and the community. Canadians from the disability community are invited to join and share insights and opinions on accessible technology, TV programming, media consumption and more.